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The name Weloze comes from the first syllables of the three company's co-founders surnames - Webber, Lorandi and Zeni. Founded in 1972, this small business manufactured automotive crankcase protectors, conveyor metal chains (mainly for bottles washing machines) and electrical components for the construction industry (electrical wall boxes). In 1973, Mr Valmor Romani, who had been working as the company's sales representative, purchased Mr Zeni's stake and became a business partner. In 1979, as they were having difficulties running the business, fact that could have led the company to bankruptcy, they decided to sell it to their main supplier at the time: Triches.



Mr. Romani, on July 19th has founded the Mecânica Auto Socorro which was dedicated to the automobile maintenance, produced protections for automotive crankcase and elevators for automobile maintenance.

Three years later, for the reason of a better acceptance of the Company's name in relation to what it was deicated to, Mr Romani decided to change it to Tecnauto Indústria Metalúrgica.

In 1987 the Caxias do Sul entrepreneur Amerigo Manzato, who worked in the metalworking industry, and his father, Rodolfo, acquired a stake in the Company. Amerigo and Mr Romani decided to change the company's name again from Tecnauto to Metalúrgica Weloze. The Company starts to supply technical stamped parts to customers such as Eberle (currently Voges Group), Brakes Master, Enxuta and Consul Refrigerators (now Whirlpool).


Result of a relevant economic problem the country was suffering (Collor Plan), the company lost almost all the few customers.Once the crisis was gone, in 1992 the company regains cli-ents and moves to a 1.000m2 industrial shed in the Santa Catarina area, Caxias do Sul. In 1996, empolying about twenty-five people, the company moves to its current address, in the Kay-ser area, also in Caxias do Sul, in a industrial shed of about 5.000 m².

In the following year the company gets ISO 9002:04 certification.


Because of the consolidation and credibility the company has in the market, this year the company could have a better financial security and it has purchased better equipments that are appropriate to products technically more complex and conquer new customers, mainly the automotive segment, and also the company will supply the great companies of the au-tomotive segment. Still in 2000 aquiring ISO 9001:2000 and QS 2003 9000 certifications, which focuses on the automotive industry.

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Mr. Amerigo Manzato sells the quotas to Mr. Valmor Romani and the company is acquired by Mr. Romani and his sons - Fabiano, Fabrício and Fabio Romani that are together participating in the administration.

In the following year the company gets ISO TS 16.949.

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In 2008 the separation was effected over a division of Weloze, getting the expertise and ser-vices as Weloze Parts company specializing in the furniture sector as Weloze Office. In that same year the Fineblanking equipment arrives at Weloze.

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In 2009 it is established a joint venture with the Spanish company Nopin Alavesa S/A and thus giving birth to Nopin Brazil.


Delav becomes an authorized Swedish-Electrolux professional laundries equipment distribu-tor in Brazil. Two years later the four companies of the group have a staff of 150 people and have a yearly turnover of over 20 million dollars.

In 2013 the companies Weloze Office and OMT Veyhl sign a letter of intent for a joint venture process, which will give rise to Weloze by OMT Veyhl.

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